Mysterious Maud's Chambers of Fantastical Truth

Mysterious Maud's Chambers of Fantastical Truth


If you are lucky enough to be attending this event, prepare to be entertained, amused, moved and frightened, usually simultaneously. I didn’t want it to end.
Buzz Magazine.

Mysterious Maud's Chambers of Fantastical Truth was staged across the fourteen spaces, three floors and tower of the magnificent faux Gothic mansion, Insole Court.

At the chilling heart of this show is the fantastical truth of the title – that our sensed experience of reality is completely fluid, relative and contextual at best. Audiences were able to experience their own perceptual anomalies via five interactive stations.

On their ninety minute journey through eerie corridors and cobwebbed staterooms the audience encountered many strange and twisted characters. The hilarious, musical and lovelorn Igor, Frankenstein's Butler ruminating on Plato's Cave, the Groundskeeper and her Dog locked in an endless dynamic of sexual attraction and power, the ghost of Juliet Capulet wandering the halls looping endlessly through the last tragic days of her life, the fortune telling Aunt who is incapable of predicting anything other than a violent and imminent death and the Psychiatrist trying to make sense of it all.

Mad Scientist Mysterious Maud herself comes to terms with her existential angst and returns to work with the triumphant restoration of Juliet to life - freeing her from her eternal torment. A cross between Pina Bausch and Gothic horror...it was a scream.

Just watched this - a fabulous world, original, clever, great performances, extraordinary venue. Really enjoyable but it also makes you think - if you can get a ticket – GO
David Evans – National Theatre Wales



Absolutely amazing last night! Drove home talking about it.. Lay in bed thinking about it.. drove to work thinking about it... got to work talking about it to my work mates... still questioning reality and my position within it.. if indeed there is a tangible reality. Amazing!
Ceri Nicholls



I wanted to extend my enthusiasm for the show, it is bloody brilliant! Curious, poignant, powerful and interesting. Love it. Well bloody done! I have put me and Matt on the waiting list for tonight too. I'm a fan!
Beth Powlesland

Mysterious Maud's Chambers of Fantastical Truth will be restaged at Castell Coch in late 2020.



I thought the whole thing was exceptional, but I thought the dancing was incredible.

I don't undertand or 'get' dancing at all. But I thought that dude and his Mistress were really incredible. I saw that one twice!
Tomos Williams

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Everyone had a BRILLIANT time! Such a great experience thanks for making this accessible! Please thank all your cast.
Julie Doyle

Wonderful and wondrous! I can't stop thinking about it. Just brilliant. So glad I got to see it twice.
Zoe Rozelaar

What an amazing, immersive, atmospheric and utterly spooky show! Well done to all. Totally loved it! Such talent and I would not have changed a thing. Thank you so much for bringing such work to our city!
Lia Moutselou

Totally and utterly superb! You have acheived something truly incredible...massive well done to you and the cast.
Jane Forshaw