An exquisite haiku - Sabin's approach is gentle, subtle and rather gorgeous on the eye. It makes you think long after the performance ends.
The Guardian.

Infinity. Mortality. Jokes about your Mum.

LifeDeathLife began when I was fortunate enough to see an animated illustration of the internal functioning of a human cell, animation being the only way to bring these processes to visual life, the scale being so unimaginably small. This illustration of the extraordinary complexity of the processes necessary to support life and consciousness fascinated me to the extent that I began to feel that the fact that we are here and aware at all is so extraordinary as to make the narrative details of life fade into the background.

At the other end of the scale the cosmos that hosts this experience of being alive is unimaginably vast, and weaving between the micro and the macro is a biological interdependence that blurs the boundaries between you, me and the food we ate for breakfast.

Contained within the sound track are many recordings made from radio astronomy data by Stephen P McGreevy, including NASA’s Cassini spacecraft entering Jupiter’s atmosphere, and radio interference caused by Earth’s own magneto sphere.



Caroline Sabin is a performance artist who fuses intelligence and accessibility more convincingly than most. The two dancers go through their paces with sinuous grace and muscularity...how brightly it burns.
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The artistry and the passion that goes into creating the wonderful and overwhelming atmosphere of the work seeps into us all.
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