Blood On The Snow


Blood On The Snow is a magically immersive 75-minute experience—strange, beautiful, and just creepy enough.
British Theatre Guide.

Presented in a cavernous church interior filled with snow laden 30ft pine trees Blood on the Snow is a cockle-warming theatrical presentation of Benjamin Britten’s iconic choral masterpiece A Ceremony of Carols. The show was nominated for Best Dance Show and Best Choreography by the Theatre in Wales Awards 2015.

The show sold out two weeks before opening.



If I could get one wish granted this Christmas it would be to live inside the worlds created in Caroline Sabin’s head.
From Buzz Magazine.



Their close harmony singing totally convinces the heart and the mind ...music director and performer Tianyi Lu gets spellbinding vocal performances out of her cast.
Theatre in Wales



This glorious show warmed and inspired me, made me sing out loud for days after.
Emily Klein – audience member.

Was utterly transfixed by the voices, music, athleticism and beautiful stage play of the performers. I was given two beans by the pixie red coats during the show, one said HUD and the other said MAGIC, they are now both blank and I can't say for certain whether the words came off in my coat pocket or whether they just evaporated back into the woods. Thank you.
Philip Jones – audience member.