A Curious Zoo


A Curious Zoo is exquisite perfection... a delightfully magical world where Narnia meets Poe.
Victorious Endeavours

A Curious Zoo was designed to delight an adult audience with an eclectic ‘curiosity cabinet’ of Yuletide treats. Filling up a snow clad terraced house with wolves and wonder, the show squeezed seven performers into a meticulously presented environment bursting with skulls, polar bears, log fires, mince pies, an antique harmonium and a psychotic faun. Narratives interwove, hearts were broken and toys were mended.

The show sold out well before opening.



A Curious Zoo is a masterstroke of ingenuity and an experience to savour...
The Sprout



A strange beauty permeated the whole experience, a splendid curious beauty that spread a remarkable warmth and magic throughout this unreal hour of performance art.
Theatre in Wales



Lovely! Lovely! Lovely! Thanks for the treat! A Curious Zoo!
Delyth Eirwyn – audience member.



I like to think that the wonderful world you created is still continuing, and that if I called around now an angel, polar bear mum, fawn, owl and goat would still all be there and the snow would never melt...
Bridget Keehan – audience member.

Just been to see Caroline Sabin's A Curious Zoo - moving, uplifting, joyful, complex, funny and warm, a beautiful experience, came away wanting everyone I know to see it, hope that lots of you do!
Dr Jodie Allinson – audience member.