In Pursuit Of Maud

In Persuit Of Maud Caroline Sabin


A magically immersive 75-minute experience—strange, beautiful, and just creepy enough.
The British Theatre Guide on Blood on the Snow.

Igor is a simple soul. He lives in a castle with his Mistress 'Mad' Scientist Maud, and together they do mad scientist things like generating electricity by rubbing two cats together or creating an octopus with the head of a vole. You know...normal stuff.

But one day the pair attempt a brain swapping procedure between Maud and an albatross (she wanted to experience flying) and it goes horribly, horribly wrong. Maud's body escapes and heads for the hills and Igor is left alone with his beloved employer's brain floating helplessly in a jar. He knows he is the only one who can reunite her grey matter with her body, and bring his restored Mistress home to the life they love.

In this darkly comic and visually beautiful cabaret style show, featuring filmed images from award winning director Chris Crow, the deranged, hilarious and deeply musical Igor will delight the audience with songs, jokes, slapstick and story. Through words and a magical projected backdrop discover his origins in a freak show, his life of bizarre science with Maud, his deep longing to be reunited with his Mistress, and a secret about his past which we will learn before he does.


If you are lucky enough to be attending this event, prepare to be entertained, amused, moved and frightened, usually simultaneously. I didn’t want it to end.
Buzz Magazine on Mysterious Maud's Chambers of Fantastical Truth.



An exquistite Haiku – Sabin's aesthetic is rather gorgeous on the eye.
The Guardian on LifeDeathLife.



Just watched this - a fabulous world, original, clever, great performances, extraordinary venue. Really enjoyable but it also makes you think - if you can get a ticket – GO
David Evans – National Theatre Wales

In Pursuit of Maud is part of the Night Out scheme and is available for bookings now for dates from February 2020 – please use the contact page on this website or follow this link to Night Out.

Designed for easy touring the show has just two on the road and is technically self-contained.

It requires a 4m x 3m x 3m high performance area and a standard electricity supply.

Running time is 70 minutes and can be shown either with or without an interval.

Please feel free to make contact with any further questions.

So sad we can't come again, which we are aware is greedy. Atmospheric, funny, moving. Awesome performances. The more I remember it the better it was. If there's no award I may have to decapitate responsible parties.
Alex and daughter Edmunds – audience at Mysterious Maud's Chambers of Fantastical Truth



This was the best show I have seen for years! Absolutely loved every last performance and detail. What a fantastic evening indeed!
Sam Taylor – audience at Mysterious Maud's Chambers of Fantastical Truth.